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Edgar Rubio

Coach // Owner

Edgar Rubio is a dedicated jiu-jitsu Coach specializing in Adults and Law Enforcement Officers, known for his competitive spirit and technical expertise. Starting his jiu-jitsu journey in February 2022, Edgar found a passion for the martial art, driven by a desire to connect and bond with his son while fulfilling his lifelong dream of practicing a martial art.

As a competitor, Edgar has made his mark in prestigious leagues such as AGF, ADCC, JJWL, IBJJF, and ADCC, earning multiple medals and accolades across these platforms. His favorite techniques include the half guard and Americana submission.

Off the mats, Edgar is a Partner at CarMedic and the owner of Cowboy Dent, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to success outside of the martial arts world. In his free time, Edgar enjoys playing video games, honing his jiu-jitsu skills, and demonstrating a genuine love for all people while actively seeking ways to serve others in his community.

Edgar Rubio’s dedication to jiu-jitsu, coupled with his multifaceted interests and passion for helping others, makes him a respected figure both in the martial arts community and beyond.

Instructor notes:


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