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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that focuses on ground fighting and grappling techniques, emphasizing leverage and technique over brute strength. It differs from other martial arts like karate or taekwondo, which often involve striking techniques.

No prior experience is required to join our gym! We welcome beginners and provide fundamental classes to teach the basics to new students.

For Gi classes, You will need to wear a clean, comfortable, and durable gi specifically designed for jiu-jitsu. If you’re a beginner or just testing the waters, we do have loaner gi’s for you to wear before you get your own! When you’re ready, we can guide you on where to purchase a gi and other necessary gear.

For Nogi classes, wear clean, comfortable tight fitting clothing such as a rash guard and spats. Any athletic leggings worn must be void of pockets to avoid injuring yourself or your partner while grappling.

Consistency is key to progress in jiu-jitsu. We recommend attending classes at least two to three times per week to see noticeable improvements in technique, strength, and overall skill level.

Yes, jiu-jitsu can be a safe and beneficial martial art for children. We offer specialized classes for kids that focus on developing confidence, discipline, and self-defense skills in a safe and supervised environment.

Yes, we provide competition training for students who wish to participate in tournaments. Our experienced instructors can help you prepare mentally and physically for competition. To learn more about our competition prep visit our class page here!

Absolutely, jiu-jitsu is suitable for individuals of all genders and ages. It’s a highly effective self-defense system that doesn’t rely on brute strength, making it accessible and empowering for women. If as a woman you are hesitant to get started in a co-ed class, check out our women’s class!

Getting started is easy! Come in and visit and get a week free trial to see what you think! We’ll introduce you to the gym, instructors, and training programs, as well as get you set up with a loaner gi so you can jump right in. For more information about membership and rules around participating, see Our Gym page here.

For more information please don’t hesitate to reach out, Or if you’d like to sign up jump right to forms for getting started!